A picture of a living room. It features a cat on a sofa, another cat sitting on the floor, an ant, a newspaper, a TV with a russian doll on top, crumbled paper, a remote on a table and two posters up the wall that show, respectively, the word Adopt and the letter E. cat on the sofa, leads to the Music page. cat on the floor, leads to the Artworks page. Television screen. Leads to the About page. Remote. Leads to the site's blog. Newspaper. Leads to the News page. Adopt poster, leads to the adopts page. Crumbled paper that leads to the Valentine's day extra. Crumbled paper that leads to another extra page Russian doll. Leads to an extra page. Ant. Leads to the arthropods page. E poster. Leads to a game.
You're at the NewsMan's place. Be nosy and look around! You might even find something interesting hiding in plain sight...

A picture of the newsman. He's got a hair bun, triangle shaped glasses and a sweater. He appears to be stressed, and he's surrounded by the phrases, News man, and, Click here!

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