world of E

I made a VERY SHORT game using Bitsy. And it's so normal.

A pixelated, sketchy drawing of the game's characters: a cat with a question sign as its tail, a person made up of bits connected through strings, and a short person with big round eyes and simple winter clothes. The letter E appears around them.

Play it HERE.

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Need help getting the endings?

Here's a GUIDE! A very quick and cryptic one, in fact:

Ending 1: Talk to someone. Easy.
Ending 2: Don't talk. Find a weird looking block, go to the next room. THEN talk.
Ending 3: Grab three Es. Go to the next room. Grab all the Es EXCEPT the top one. THEN grab the top one. Go to the house. Proceed.
Ending 4: Get to the house room without grabbing every E.

Have questions? Have you played it, got something to say?


And some quick answers: yes, no, no, yes, almost, maybe, yes, no. E.