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NewsMan: hey, ScreenWriter. happy new year! how's summer vacations going?? i haven't done much since the last time we met. i noticed the last interview we did (about a year ago!) has been buried under the new layout of the site. it made me notice just how little we've talked lately!! :/

NewsMan: anyways. i've compiled some of my old and new portraits. i know you like comparing stuff so.. yeah.

NewsMan: from newest to oldest:

NewsMan: we start with 2024.

NewsMan: i hope it's not too self-centered

NewsMan: this, i mean

NewsMan: i don't mean it in the "look at me and my art of myself" kind of way. these aren't as much about me as they are about someone else.

NewsMan: next up, 2023.

NewsMan: the next ones are from back before the Big Style Change,
as you'd call it

NewsMan: the spiked glasses started after the sunman nightmare. that was an interesting one

NewsMan: the style's really lasting a while! as of jan21 2024 it is still going strong.. these are the first years where i've made stuff that i still show off proudly!

NewsMan: i don't miss the rounded glasses

NewsMan: and last, 2022.

NewsMan: this one was the first one with the over-detailed style. did i ever tell you what was up with it?

NewsMan: i mean, yeah, it had meaning. i talked about that

NewsMan: what i mean is that i started over-detailing stuff
in the fucked up way only after seeing that old goofy
jeff the killer picture from 2004-2007

NewsMan: it scared the shit out of me after seeing it
at 4am in a lost media video

NewsMan: somehow, it inspired me. i wanted something weird too

NewsMan: it helped that my first year drawing teacher gave me that detail-focused assignment that led to me discovering that if you look closely, everything's complex.

NewsMan: i don't have much else to write.
wanna have coffee next week? my place's always open!

NewsMan: not actually open, i mean. but the cats might have the key

NewsMan: or maybe it is inside the russian doll on the tv

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