The Batter from the game OFF. He's an entirely white character wielding a stained bat and wearing a baseball uniform. A ghost floats behind him.
The Batter from OFF, in a running pose, wielding his bat forwards.


What's that?

OFF is a RPG Maker horror game from the late 2000s, where you take control of The Batter, an entity whose purpose is to purify the world. You, the player, are your own character and must help The Batter with his purification of the spectres haunting the world.

As the story progresses, you'll find yourself in a world of sugar, plastic and meat, surrounded by stressed workers, a talking cat called The Judge, the game's merchant (Zacharie) and many other characters that are sooooo weird and I adore.

Okay! What else makes this special?

Glad You Asked! I love this game dearly and it fills me with dread, even today.

The isolated atmosphere in a world of monochromatic palettes and very spaced out characters lets you understand that this is you, looking at the screen, and no one else is playing your cards but yourself. You will get to the end knowing you did what you could, and that fascinated me back when I was like twelve (and that same nostalgia makes it so meaningful to me now). It's not that there's only one ending (there isn't); you'll have to experience this world and meet the weird folks inside the world of OFF by yourself.

What else? What else??

The art (concept and final) from this game is phenomenal. I wouldn't google it if you haven't played, but it's inspired me to take art easy. These rough sketchy doodles are so full of personality!!! I wouldn't trade them for rendered illustrations ever. i am THIS close to printing them all and gluing them to my room's walls.

Where can I download this game?

HERE you can find some links from in various languages, but BEWARE, you should try to verify they don't have anything shady going on. Done that? Do it. Play OFF. And beat it. That way, you can tell your friends you "JUST BEAT OFF!", which is something all of us want to be able to say someday. wink wink wi

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