What should you know first?

These guys are Free To Use pixel adopts! Meaning you can dowload them and put them on your own site, for free. Can make them into Gifypets too! No hotlinking, please! This means you HAVE to download them if you're using them. And link back to my site or this page if you use any of them (would be very appreciated).

NEW: Strange cats!

Cats with real life coloring!

Orange tabby.Black and white cat.Siamese. Black cat.
Brown tabby.Gray and white cat.Brown cat.White cat.

Cats with random patterns!

Pink and white cat with a heart shaped mark.Rainbow cat.Cat with a light blue bubble pattern. Ghostly lavender cat with red eyes.
Cat with a red and white pattern.Black cat with red outline.Sky cat.Dark green cat.

Flag cats!

Transexual.Asexual.Pansexual. Nonbinary. Genderfluid.

My site cats! bc i HAD to make them too. You can take them too, they like to travel.

Light blue cat with a pointed arrow tail and a halo.Blood orange cat with a pointed arrow tail and a halo.Light blue cat with horns and a fluffy tail.Blood orange cat with horns and a fluffy tail.


Art made for Pixel Clubs! (they're here till I decide to make somewhere fancier for them to be). You have to make a little pixel guy based on the theme of the club (and the template they give you, if there's one), and that's basically it. For more info, visit the clubs' pages - they are linked in the images.

You CAN use these as adopts too! Same rules apply.

A cat peeking at skull shaped smoke coming out of a big teacup. An orange cat with a shocked expression. A water bottle containing a green, fizzy drink. It has a red label with a drawing of a beetle on it. A red bunny. Its eyes and the interior of its ears are light blue, so are a pair or wings growing from its back. It has a pair of horns, one dark red and the other black.