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Website button. It features two cats resting their arms on each other's shoulders. This button shines.Second website button. It shows a pair of bloodshot eyes in a textured pink background. The word Spiders appears on it.Third website button. It shows a cat centipede and the words Click HERE.

Remember to clear your cache to see the changes. In desktop, just hit Ctrl+F5 for a true refresh.

Feb24 2024: Blog update, Music page update. The new songs are The Dark Of The MatineΓ©, What If You Were Right The First Time?, Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men. blog's got a cat.

Feb15 2024: valentine's day page has been updated (found in index page)

Feb11 2024: per last update: page's now accessible from the index, in the easter eggs list. why not. btw, the sudoku on the music page is so addictive fr

Feb9 2024: made test page, which is not linked elsewhere on the site as of now

Feb9 2024: blog got a kind of vent post (first one so far?) that ends unexpectedly. to summarize.

Feb6 2024: fixed some grammar in the Closet Corpse game. i am yet to make a better update. + added the songs Troglodyte, Settle For A Draw and Jobless Monday to music page, and added Twelve Feet Deep to the playlist.

Feb3 2024: new blog post about Junji Ito and horror art

Feb2 2024:If you click the russian doll at the index page, you'll see the images have been changed

Feb1 2024: MUSIC page updates; fixed the song Peach's link, added Beautiful (song in spanish) and Return To Monke. A while after, I Added: Bad Boy nightcore, Wine Red, RIP nightcore, Brianstorm cumbia, It's Been So Long cumbia, I'm Not Okay cumbia, and fixed the other links. enjoy (or don't)

Jan28 2024: I made an interactive story thing: CLOSET CORPSE . Content Warnings in the start page. Summary: you haven't gone to work for a week, your coworker's worried, and a corpse is gone.


Jan24 2024: PIXELS page now has more cat adopts, but weirder. this update was done entirely from my phone and i do not know what it looks like on desktop

Jan23 2024: MUSIC page now has a sudoku for you to play while you listen to music!

Jan21 2024: easter egg in ABOUT page (main picture is clickable). never ending site lore VS my pc mouse acting up mid update

Jan21 2024: ABOUT page updated (changed PICTURE and background!)

Jan19 2024: BLOG updated with webcomic reccs and silly stuff. Changed NeWS STATION main picture! Do a true refresh to clear cache and see it :)

Jan18 2024: Changed UPDATES image in Index, added drawings to art page, added Diamond In The Rough, Leaving, Animal I Have Become + Over & Over to music page, updated layouts in art and news page...


Aug07 2023: minesweeper shrine that looks extremely silly. hopefully this won't be the only update this month

Jul14 2023: Blog update where i ramble about art because it is MY webbed site

Jul11 2023:shiiiiit it's been ten days. wild. anyways new page that takes a single minute to look at. visit it

Jul1 2023:Added to the MUSIC page the songs "A song dedicated to the memory of Stormy the rabbit" and "Judas", added bunny to the pixel clubs section of the PIXELS page. i am relying on the phone code editor as of now

Jun27 2023: Added more site buttons to the button wall down there. it truly is a wall now

Jun22 2023: ADOPTS page is now PIXELS page. Another Pixel Club submission has been added!

Jun21 2023: 1. Fixed EGAME and ARTHROPODS pages, they're properly responsive now. 2. New drawing in ARTWORKS, third column haas alt descriptions now. 3. ADOPTS page now has my Pixel Clubs stuff. i THINK that's all

Jun20 2023: Responsive + accessible pages as of today: INDEX, ABOUT, NEWS, EGAME, OFF shrine, ARTHROPODS, MUSIC. Status: In fear of the artworks page.

Jun16 2023: Started making the site accessible and responsive. The main page and this one (news page) should be done.

Jun14 2023: NEW site buttons! Pictured above :] ALSO more sites linked below!

Jun13 2023: What's this? An OFF Game shrine! Access it by clicking the Batter blinkie under the button collection, or by clicking the Batter illustrations on the ARTWORKS page! It's here too! GO SEE MY SILLY SHRINE!!!!

Jun09 2023: ARTWORKS page now has mysterious #goldenrod borders around some images... i wonder what might happen if you click on them.

Jun07 2023: new BLOG post, with a doodle. sticker ideas needed

Jun02-03 2023: the song Take Me Out in music page now redirects to the correct track. ABOUT page layout now has different pictures.

May25 2023: new doodle in ARTWORKS page

May21 2023: MUSIC page update. Songs added: Bad Bad Things, Tidal Wave, Float On and Crying Lightning. if any of these titles sound good, go check them out. as always, wildly different songs. ALSO new drawing in artworks page

May19 2023: BLOG post (very short) (stickers!)

May17 2023: updated the game page (has drawing now)

May12 2023: BLOG post about the bug girl from the ARTWORKS page! The one up there. For more blog posts about ocs, there's one in the navigation list of that page about the Sunman, called "Nightmare where the sun tries to kill you". yep, typical spiders dot neocities dot org stuff.

May11 2023: there's a game here now. go play it (E poster on index, or on the sitemap), and a new doodle on the ARTWORKS page. "why is it on a different site" i am lazyyyyy i'll put it fully on here later on

May6 2023: ABOUT page update: you can now write about your day there. I won't see it bc idk how to deal with user input, but hey! words. SECOND UPDATE: MUSIC page now had Music Player + Up To No Good link has been fixed.

May3 2023: Added MORE site buttons to THE NEWS, added TPOE blinkie that sends you to play TPOE and Bar blinkie that sends you to The Bar.

May1 2023: Added button for using crossword's keyboard

Apr30 2023: guess the fuck what! NEWSTATION layout is like the other ones now. You can still access the old one up there.

Apr26-29 2023: ARTWORK PAGE updates: main text changed and I added two drawings that are so big you kind of HAVE to click on them to see them better.

Apr21 2023: This one's tricky. ABOUT, MUSIC and ARTWORKS pages have a new background. ARTWORKS has more drawings, BLOG has a new entry, NEWSSTATION (here) has more buttons. Might do some more, don't really know.

Apr16 2023: ARTHROPODS PAGE UPDATE: stuff about the red ants in my backyard + INDEX added.

Apr13 2023: ART PAGE updated with one (1) art. i am doing this on the mobile editor

Apr09 2023: BLOG update!

Apr02 2023: NEW SITE PAGE: ARTHROPODS. accessed through the ANT in the main page image.

Apr01 2023: mOre site BUTTONS added up there!


Mar23 2023: BLOG entry that's actually a bunch of drawings.

Mar20 2023: ARTWORKS page gained a new drawing of the sun guy.

Mar17 2023: ARTWORKS page layout changed + has new drawing on it, BLOG entry added. I suggest going to the BLOG first. Also, the old art page layout can be accessed through the new one.

Mar16 2023: ARTWORKS page contains new drawing!

Mar12 2023: BLOG entry, ARTWORKS page now has a commissions button.

Mar09 2023: ARTWORKS page updated with art from the last few days.

Mar06 2023: BLOG entry (has several drawings). Oc site section was removed, will be replaced later on!

Mar04 2023: LAYOUTS CHANGED in ABOUT and MUSIC pages! Slight changes in Adopts page too. i've been 5 hours at the computer

Mar02 2023: Blog entry added (has drawings + video), and this update box is now in the NeWS STATION. Weather text has been changed.

Feb28 2023: New EXTRA page on main page (russian doll), NeWS STATION got more site buttons and two new blinkies.

Feb26 2023: New BLOG entry (books reccs). Added favicon to the site pages(tomato gif), changed site pages' titles.

Feb16-25 2023: From Latest to Oldest change: Navigation box on main page, BLOG entry Feb18 (bouncing dvd logo shrine), BLOG entry Feb16 (rambling).

The NewsMan, sitting at his desk. Two cats appear under it, one stretching its legs and the other peeking through a purple cloth.

WEATHER: it's raining #ff6347!

Red raindrops falling down.

Loading crossword puzzle. One moment please.


Blackwater site button. The website's name is written in a white font on a black background. Ribose site button. Features a lab as a background. Tomorrow's breakfast's site button. Via Spiders' site button. It has a rainbow colored background and little sparks surrounding the website's name. Solaria's site button. Features a dark background with stars, and a purple border. Doqmeat site button. Features a black cat and a starry sky. Hellstar Ares site button. Has a sunset as the background, and two spinning stars. Space bar's site button. It has pink little stars and features an alien emoji. Item64's site button. Lulu's site button. Features a green person with blue hair. Lyn's site button. Features a red haired person posing with their hands up. Fuzzy Buzzy site button. Features a cartoon animal I don't recognize. Sorry. Haremoon's site button. Features a hare jumping on top of a red and black background. August's site button. JPG zone site button. Features a chubby white bear and the words, Click here. Dannarchy's site button. It shows an anarchist symbol and the words, Dannarchy Now! M's website button. Ratwalks' site button. Has a rat on it. The corrid's site button. Shows a character with blue skin and light brown hair, looking at the sides. Pudding's site button. Shows a button on a blue background, shaped like the head of a cartoon person with orange hair. Ceterumcenseo's site button. Features flames on an orange background. Simon's site button. It is yellow and shows a white character winking. It reads: Simon's fun zone. Changeling eyes' site button. Features a brown moth whose wings' patterns look like eyes. Volk's site button. Has a skull. Nora's site button. Features mushrooms on a yellow background. Rasp's site button. Features a character with a microwave head. Leusyth's site button. man of gray matter's website button. Shows an orange rabbit going through the screen. Snals' site button. Has a snail on it and reads: for snail lovers. a green and pink animated website button reading 'frankencycled' in a gothic font Orion's site button. Shows a green parrot skating. Skyblt's site button. Shows a gif of a red CD spinning.  Bedrooms' site button. Shows a blinking pillow. Bruised ghost's site button. Smock site button. It reads: Join the fagzone. hog site button. Teomodo's site button. Features a killer whale. Ovengoats' site button. Olliveen's site button. It imitates a computer screen and features a MSPaint window and a background of a sky. Francess site button. I was a robot's site button. The wizard's lair's site button, showing a tower on a dark blue background. Q's site button, featuring a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

breaking news: Neocities Dot Org Keeps hosting more and more websites. We've captured some and encased them within these buttons, but our sources inform us that there's MORE. truly outrageous!

A lighthouse in the dark. Next to it, the words: play TPOE.

Incredible! By clicking on this image, the NewsMan got access to hit game The Process Of Elimination, and proceeded to get the ending everyone told him was "the lowest ranked one". The NewsMan says that's fucking bullshit and he had fun. GO PLAY TPOE!

A purple starry gif the reads: Space bar.

SATURDAY NIGHT: go to the bar! Click the blinkie.

A gif featurig two images of Hello Kitty, with her brand name misspelled.

WOW! Sanrio Made The local NewsMan Into A New Marketable Character. His Likeness Will Appear In Various Products (chewed gum, centipedes and black markers with a wobbly tip) Starting May 2023.

A gif showing The Batter from the game OFF in a yellow background. It reads: batter beloved.

Shocking: My Coworkers Have FINISHED Building A Shrine Dedicated To The Batter From OFF In The Women's Bathroom. the Women Inside The News Station Confirmed us that He's Allowed In There, For He's A Girlboss. PLAY OFF.

Gif that says: I love cats.

Scary Beast On The Window Cries For Treats, More On This At 6.

UPDATE: Local NewsMan Fails To Study For College for the fourth consecutive MONTH, On Account Of "site currently more interesting than plato's "the republic", sorry". We're kicking him out in two days.

Gif that reads: I need more time! Features a clock.

We Think This One Might Be A Bomb, and we're scared shitless. More on this at 12.