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Photo of a Golb shrine, accompanied by cockroaches and rosaries.

Hello. It Is Feb9 2024. I Have Accessed A Computer. And I Made This Page.

It's a test page, and I just put random shit that interests me or I found funny and wanted to archive somewhere. You'll see there's credits, but no direct linking to the pages- this is because my layout is shit and if I put anything other than a paragraph tag per div the search function would break. and then, the plain links wouldn't fit in the div. so, yeah, i've got to fix all that. but thank you w3schools

AND YEAAA THERE'S A SEARCH FUNCTION. It searches strings of characters, I've added some tags to the "posts" just to make it even easier to locate stuff. That's it!

"The vast numbers of beetles led to the famous quip, perhaps apocryphal, from British geneticist J. B. S. Haldane, who, when asked what one could conclude as to the nature of God from a study of his creation, replied:

"An inordinate fondness for beetles" (Gould 1996)."

From New World Encyclopedia, article on Beetles, accessed Feb5 2024.

(The paragraph continues, stating: Haldane himself was a noted atheist and this quote reflects not only the vast numbers of beetles but also Haldane's skeptical perspective on natural theology).

# beetles, arthropods, Haldane, theology.

"Nervously, I pull from the tarot deck. It's the Nine of Clocks. My fate is then revealed to me: it's my bedtime, and I gotta go to sleeps"

User jakethesequel on Tumblr, Jun17 2023.

# tarot, tumblr textpost.

To find a specific Tumblr post online, write what you remember into a Google search and end it with:

For something more specific, write this, filling the quotation marks with a direct quote from the post. "direct quote here"

It must be a direct quote because it is searching for a string, a specific sequence of characters, not similar structures.

Users strangerdarkerbetter and airoehead on Tumblr, around May28 2018.

# tumblr, web tips, search tips.

a twitter post I found funny:

"(trans milf) I was 23 when halo 3 came out. You were 10.

(freud, in my head) I never thought we'd get this far dude im straight sweatin'."

User HOSTAGEKILLER on Twitter, Jan30 2022.

# twitter, freud, queer.

Screenshot of a set of text messages.

"First person: I'm responsible empugh to admit to myself that I'm not a social being capable of maintaining relationships.

Second person: That's silly. Let the other person maintain it then. You don't have to have any social inclination to be in a relationship.

First person types in, without sending it yet, the following message: This may be why you're divorced."

User froody on Tumblr, Mar26 2023.

# tumblr, text messages, divorce.